UND Jetzt IS box

The first show at IS projects with artists from New York to Sydney, gave us the idea to make a set of prints. Being invited on voluntary basis, all but one artist made something for this occasion. This set of prints became our first IS box and a good incentive for the future. The UND Jetzt IS box is not available anymore. Edition of 49.

Justin Andrews

Christoph Dahlhausen 

Billy Gruner 

Kyle Jenkins 

Gracia Khouw 

Rossana Martinez 


Iemke van Dijk 

Jan van der Ploeg 

Guido Winkler 

Sanne Bruggink 

Matthew Deleget 

Clemens Hollerer 

Sarah Keighery 

Arjan Janssen 

Perry Roberts 

 Richard van der Aa

Jasper van der Graaf 

Jan Maarten Voskuil 


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