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IS-projects goes to Platforms Project in Athens from 16 - 19 May.

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Year in review:
2018 started off with a very enjoyable 10 years anniversary at Marktsteeg 10.

Many people turned up and we have been showing works by Lyda Bekker (nl), Marja van Bijlevelt (nl), Pedro Boese (de), Richard Bottwin (us), Sanne Bruggink (nl), Edgar Diehl (de), Iemke van Dijk (nl), René Eicke (nl), Jasper van der Graaf (nl), José Heerkens (nl), Henriëtte van 't Hoog (nl), Roland de Jong Orlando (nl), Gracia Khouw (nl), Gerda Kruimer (nl), Zora Kreuzer (de), Josephine Lakerveld (nl), Guido Nieuwendijk (nl), Tineke Porck (nl), Albert Roskam (nl), Marena Seeling (nl), Tonneke Sengers (nl), Rubins J. Spaans (nl), Frans Vendel (nl), Marije Vermeulen (nl), Coen Vernooij (nl), Jan Maarten Voskuil (nl), Werner Windisch (de), Guido Winkler (nl) and Yumiko Yoneda (nl).

In May we presented Joël Besse (fr), Katrin Bremermann (de), Paula Carmen (fr), Richard Roth (us), Shawn Stipling (uk), curated by ParisCONCRET (fr) at the Platforms Projects in Athens (gr).

The image shown below stems from the RNOP - Hellenikon show. A collaborative project co-curated with the awesome Billy Gruner (au). Artist involved: 
Daniel Gottin (ch),Richard Van Der Aa (fr), Deb Covell (uk), Iemke Van Dijk (nl), Billy Gruner (au), Peter Holm (dk), Kyle Jenkins (au), Sarah Keighery (au), Tarn McLean (au), Roland Orepuk (fr), Guido Winkler (nl).

With the London based Sluice, in November we participated in Exchange Berlin. Dennis Meier (de), Zora kreuzer (de) and Guido Winkler (nl).

Last, we were invited by KNO.lab to produce an exhibition in the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Kiev. Icons \ Shift was the title of the exhibition with works by Iemke van Dijk (nl), Henriëtte van 't Hoog (nl), Jan Maarten Voskuil (nl) and Guido Winkler (nl). International localism.

All in all, in 2018 we have shown works by 46 artists in Leiden, Athens, Berlin and Kiev, with an estimate combined  vistitor rate of 17.000. 

Hope to seeing you in 2019!