RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage No. 7 @ Beton7, Athens

19.05.2018 - 29.05.2018

IS-projects invited Billy Gruner from West Projects in Austria, to curate an exhibition at Beton7, Center for the arts. The exhibition turned into the launch of a new international program labeled West Projects International and associates. After Greece, the exhibition will undergo variations and tour through the United States and Australia.

RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage No.7

The Assemblage series has been curated by Australian artist Billy Gruner), a project done in collaboration with other project spaces in various cities worldwide since 2007. The new West PI - Associate program will present 3 European shows, 5 American shows and 5 Australian shows during 2018/19 under the RNOP heading as part of the Biennale of Contemporary Non Objective Art in Grenoble France, 2019/20. The Athens event RNOP Hellenikon is the launch of this exciting program.

For RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage no.7, Billy Gruner invited Swiss artist Daniel Göttin to design a tape installation as a starting point for this exhibition. Daniel Göttin's artwork effectively creates a new space within the space and sets up a visual rhythm for the individual works by the other artists. This assemblage of work upon work invites layered interpretation.

Daniel Gottin (sui)

Artist Producers:
Iemke Van Dijk (nl)
Tarn Mclean (au)
Richard Van Der Aa (fr)
Kyle Jenkins (au)
Guido Winkler (nl)
Sarahah Keighery (au)
Peter Holm (dk)
Billy Gruner (au)
Deb Covell (uk)
Roland Orepuk (fr)

Opening 19th of May, 8 pm

7, Pydnas St.

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