31, 4 PM

Please join us on Saturday, 31st of May to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition entitled 'To The Point' at IS-projects. The show's opening will begin at 4pm. Exhibition runs until 29th of June.

Curated by René Eicke

Participating artists:
Richard van der Aa (Paris), Emmy Beenken (Utrecht), Carel Blotkamp (Utrecht), Christoph Dahlhausen (Bonn), Iemke van Dijk (Leiden), René Eicke (Utrecht), Gilbert Hsiao (New Jersey), Sarah Keighery (Sydney), Alexandra Roozen (Rotterdam), Léopoldine Roux (Bruxelles), Martijn Schuppers (Groningen), Regine Schumann (Köln), Jan Maarten Voskuil (Haarlem) and Yumiko Yoneda (The Hague).

In conjunction with this exhibition at the Drie Octoberstraat, two projects will be initiated in Leiden' public space. Christoph Dahlhausen made his guerilla art project 'New Ways to Colour Walls, The Leiden Project' and Iemke van Dijk will make a wall drawing -A Collective Composition- in association with the Leiden shopping public.
Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler
Drie Octoberstraat 16-A
2313 ZP Leiden

IS = open
from Mo - Sun, after appointment
and, Saturday without appointment between 2 - 5 PM

Please make your appointment for a private view here
Or, telephone:
+31 (0)71 5149882
+31 (0)6 28634370
+31 (0)6 38748183

Image: 'New Ways to Colour Walls, The Leiden Project' / Christoph Dahlhausen. Photo Iemke van Dijk

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