19.05.2018 - 29.05.2018

The international launch of a new associate project called West Projects International (West PI)

RNOP - Hellenikon, Assemblage No.7

Beton7, Center for the arts (head office of Athens biennial)
Pydnas Str. 7
11885 Athens

Image up: Guido Winkler (left) and Billy Gruner (right)

IS-projects invited Billy Gruner (PhD) to curate our exhibtion at Beton7.
The Assemblage series are a series of exhibitions done in association with other spaces around the world. This particular exhibition was the 7th in this series.


Wall work installation: 
Daniel Gottin (ch)

Artist Producers:
Richard Van Der Aa (fr), Deb Covell (uk), Iemke Van Dijk (nl),
Billy Gruner (au), Peter Holm (dk), Kyle Jenkins (au),
Sarah Keighery (au), Tarn McLean (au), Roland Orepuk (fr),
Guido Winkler (nl)

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