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Sluice Exchange rates 2016, Walk the line at Transmitter
IS-projects pop-up in New York!

Sluice Exchange rates 2016. Walk the Line at Transmitter/ with works from René Eícke (NL), Jason Hughes (US), Richard van der Aa (FR), René van den Bos (NL), Jasper van der Graaf (NL) and Guido Winkler (NL)

October 20-23rd.

Leiden, ongoing:

Maand van de grafiek: 

With works from Linda Arts (Tilburg), Pedro Boese (Berlin) and Daan Liu (The Hague).

Exhibition opening 3pm Sunday 9 October 2016.

And then every day by appointment until October 30, 2016. 

Image: Pedro Boese, 4 Blätter, quadratisch geordnet, Position variabel   

linenbound portfolio with four etchings and an index, each etching on 340g Zerkall handmade paper, each 32 x 32 cm, 2012, 6 copies + 1 ap

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