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Currently, we are curating several exhibitions related to the centennial of De Stijl movement.
De Stijl, initiated and being published from 1917 by Theo van Doesburg, Kort Galgewater 3 in Leiden.
The exhibitions are commissioned by Museum De Lakenhal and foundation Beelden in Leiden. 

For Museum De Lakenhal we have designed the Openlucht Museum De Lakenhal, starting in Leiden from the 2nd of June. Location Pieterskerkhof. This outdoor exhibition consists of 20 wall paintings following the pattern of a part of Mondriaan's Compostition in Line, second state, from 1916-17. Check out the Museum De Lakenhal's website.

For Beelden in leiden we have curated several exhibitions. The core is now taking place in outdoor public space, address Hooglandse Kerkgracht in Leiden. Here, work by 11 young sculptors is currently on view from May 19 - August 6. The surplus is taking place in the Achmea building, which has been designed by Leiden' architect Fons Verheijen in 2008. On the groundfloor of this building -inspired by Theo van Doesburg's painting 'Rhythm of the Russian Dance'- you might want to visit the exhibition with 17 sculptures and wall pieces, from May 19 - August 6. Visit Beelden in Leiden's website. IS-projects link to page.

Beelden in Leiden at the Hooglandse Kerkgracht, Dellaertweg 1 and Albinusdreef from 19th of May.

Open Air Museum De Lakenhal starting from 2nd of June.

Image:  Brent Hallard; proposal wall painting Open Air Museum De Lakenhal (280x554cm).