IS-projects asked German artist Christoph Dahlhausen to execute his project 'New Ways to Colour Walls, The Leiden Project'.

'New Ways to Colour Walls' focuses on the question of what it means to extend a show. The project combines an exhibition at IS-projects with further levels of art presentation. The other aspect of this exhibition, and central idea to this project, is the idea of Widening this presentation into the world outside the gallery, without being street art or environmental art.

Colour surrounds us... every day… always… everywhere…

Participants will be asked to display colour (as vinyl dots) at various places in the city and document the result which will go online.

Feel free to take part in the project, comment these results and make this place of art a point of communication about art.

The exhibition at IS-projects will open on May 31st (running through June 29).

There will be more things happening in town. Keep your eyes open! Find!

Do you want to participate? E-mail us! Click here.

Here you will find information and results of the former project: 'New Ways to Colour Walls, The Wellington Project'.