Curated by John Tallman in association with IS-projects, Therely Bare (Redux) has become a travelling exhibition of non-objective art featuring the work of various artists working on the international level. Working in a range of styles, the artists of this exhibition share in common a subversive approach to the traditions of painting. The exhibition title Therely Bare (Redux) is wordplay, an inversion of “barely there.” It also hints at the curatorial premises of the exhibition. The physical presence of the work in the exhibition is not in question but the conceptual motives behind the work are more ambiguous. In this sense, the work is hiding in plain sight. The exhibition is meant to challenge typical modes of viewing and hopefully raise questions about means of perception.

On view: Kate Beck(US), Kwangyup Cheon (KR), Jeffrey Cortland Jones (US), Christoph Dahlhausen (DE), Kevin Finklea (US), Simon Ingram (NZ), Lorri Ott (US), Mel Prest (US), Clary Stolte (NL), Lars Strandh (NO)  John Tallman (US), Richard van der Aa (FR), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Ken Weathersby (US), Guido Winkler (NL), Douglas Witmer (US) and Lain York.