On Stephan de Smet's portfolio on Behance.net, some beautiful pictures have been posted of the making process of the Soft Luminosity folder at Alex Barbaix.

19th Century craftsmanship: led characters, the smell of ink, making color by intuition and the feel and rattle and boom from the press.

The Soft Luminosity edition is still available. This limited edition of 20 sets with each containing five works, one work by each individual artist. You pay 350 EUR for this set: a piezo print by Taney Roniger, Pieter Bijwaard's drawing, Mel Prest's painting on paper, a work with a similar technique (and a very different outcome!) by Veerle Thoben and Mark de Weijer's art piece of paper. All works are handmade in series, signed and numbered.

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