We are delighted to announce that the past month a new plan has been brought to life!

IS-projects, SNO contemporary art projects and ParisCONCRET join forces in a new project for a well known Artist Run Initiative Art Fair in Stockholm [Sweden], to be held from 17-19 Feb 2012!

There, IS-projects, SNO and ParisCONCRET present a tri-partheid group show celebrating the accelerated interconnectivity now made possible by the internet. This is the means whereby these 3 project houses from 3 different countries have enjoyed an evolving relationship. It has not only given divergent practices a more immediate context for exchange but has also become a tool by which artists may engage in a dialogue on an international platform. The display consists of 30 visual outcomes in the form of limited edition T-shirts achieved via an online process by associated artists invited from around the globe. These are installed in relation to a wall image produced by artists in long distance collaboration, highlighting again the potential for developing the non-objective through the internet.

17 - 19 Feb 2012
Visitors info, click here.