For the fourth year in a row, Kulturhuset (the House of Culture) in Stockholm will be filled by
some of the most innovative art from around the world. From the mountains of Lappland to a hot
South Africa and then another tour around the globe.

"I'm incredibly happy that we make room for what has evolved into one of Sweden's most
interesting and international art events: SUPERMARKET" said Kulturhuset's director Eric
Sjöström. With hundreds of artists from over 30 different countries SUPERMARKET is the most
international art exhibition in Sweden, and with 87 galleries on two entire floors of Kulturhuset it
is the Nordic region's largest art fair. SUPERMARKET is also unique because it is run by artists.
The Project Managers are Meggi Sandell, Pontus Raud and Andreas Ribbung.

IS-projects is honoured a small presentation stand in which we will exhibit our IS-editions and a variety of works by an international  group of artists. Stay tuned.

Supermarket Stockholm from 15 - 17 February 2013