{...} But on closer examination, one will quickly realise that the subtly polished and scraped surfaces of Pedro Boese ́s paintings deal less with a distance from but rather a strong affinity to painting and the struggle to inscribe new dimensions into the two-dimensional surface. In this respect the physical exertion which is connected with the operation on the plates can be interpreted as the psychologically motivated attempt to withdraw from the grip of history. After all, it did not only generate the laws of painting but also the principle of the avantgardes, that is the notion that the human beings are able to re-invent themselves time and again and that artists are even obliged to do so. {...}

Essay by Susanne Prinz published in the catalogue „monomodul“.

Publisher: Raum für Kunst, Aachen, 2011

image: Donovan (modul typ40 r28 w360ab)