Lorri Ott takes risks. The risks she takes are philosophical, pushing the edges of what we can call “beautiful” and challenging us on what we can call “painting”. Using pigmented resin, cloth and found materials her works are recorded moments where the materials seek their level, find their space and then set. Of course her pieces are far from random with a confident hand behind them, setting the parameters and guiding the pours, asserting the colors. The results that make it out of the studio have a particular unity which leads to me suspect that many “failed” trial pieces are left on the studio floor. There is considerable editing going on in her work that belies the apparent spontaneity in which they were created. The works themselves are literally barely held together. When her work arrived to the first Therely Bare it was delicately packed and the directions for hanging her work, meticulous. We’ll eagerly wait for the lovely experiment she’ll send us for Therely Bare Redux.